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Hermitage Cottage House

We are now at a Cottage House in Pointe-Claire, designated as one of the three regional satellite centres of the island of Montreal. Not far away from the CF Fairview Shopping Centre known for its vibrant & dynamic living environment.

I, in fact, started with this front door ;)

The family was living here & I got to know them through their brother & sister-in-law. I knew I could catch what they wanted & liked since the first meeting!

My intern Susel & I designed a beautiful living space for them where the furniture blends with the style. We created magic, according to my client…

Since it’s an open space for the entryway, living room & dining, we wanted everything to be cohesive. My clients wanted to have something modern, simple & humble, like a farmhouse but not too much… More of a Modern Farmhouse!

We worked with metal in black & gold finishes as well as wood in more natural hues. We used the colour Blue to give that punch in the space.

For the entrance, other than changing the main door & the floor tiles, we installed wallpaper to give more warmth & a nice first impression! This console was made to measure using solid oak & was left in its natural colour status but protected with water base matt varnish.

For the living room, we bought new curtains, new furniture & worked on the decoration accordingly…

In the dining room, we pushed the opening between the kitchen & the dining area & worked on its finishing! We really set up the place around the table!

We took down the wall between the kitchen & the family room & we installed this amazing island with lighting & counter chairs.

For the Family Room, we have converted that wood burning fireplace into a gas one & added this marble like wall. The client wanted a plain wall, not flashy, so we’ve used those gorgeous bright Laminam slabs & left niches on both sides. We added this sofa, this armchair & this custom made coffee table that speak the same language as the rest of the furniture in the house. This blue wall, Susel’s idea, constitutes the focal point of this room with its fabulous wall mirrors.

It’s very hard for me to choose a favourite room or a favourite piece in this pretty cottage!

Everything is warm but very light at the same time. Every action taken shows how we can easily move around in this space…

I love this house, it reflects how my clients are; we made it attractive & we made it right for our friends & family & that was the best part, I think!

Hermitage Cottage House